Aston Martin Cygnet

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Aston Martin Cygnet

€ 43.500,-
  • BouwjaarDec 2011
  • Kilometerstand41.000 km
  • Vermogen97 PK
  • BrandstofBenzine
  • SchakelingHandgeschakeld
  • KenmerkenWitCoupé2 deuren4 zitplaatsen
  • LandversieNederland


Informatie van de verkoper


  • According to a vehicle database, only 600 Cygnets are registered in the UK which makes it a rarer sight on the road than both the DB5 and DB6
  • To some, the Cygnet is a piece of Aston history and many see the Cygnet as a future classic in the making, thanks to its uniqueness and rarity
  • The name Cygnet is very nicely chosen as it means young swan. It is the smallest swan from the family but already beautiful
  • A city car from one of the most prestigious brands in the automotive world
  • Only 41.000 kilometers since new
  • For those who want the convenience of a city car with its super short wheelbase, incredible turning circle diameter and fuel sipping mileage but still desire luxury to enhance the experience, the Cygnet delivers

We are personally completely in love with Aston Martin and definitely also with the Cygnet. We own a Cygnet ourselves which we use on a regular base if we go into the city centre of Amsterdam for example but we also use the Cygnet quite often for longer distances and it’s surprising how extremely nice the Cygnet is driving on the motorway for example.
The response on the car is fantastic. Everybody likes the unique car but more important, the Aston is very easy to use and drives impressively well.
This specific Cygnet beautiful Aston Martin Cygnet has only covered 41.000 kilometer and it is in an as new condition. The Aston shows absolutely no signs of the usual wear.

The exterior of the Aston Martin is nice and typical Aston Martin. People on the street recognize the typical shape of the Aston Martin grille.
Luckily the first owner of the car decided to take the most beautiful wheels on the car. The wheels show some small damages but these can be easily repaired. According to us the damages are too small to repair but if the new owner wants to have the car as new we can easily repair.
The rest of the Cygnet is very nice. Some very very minor spots can be found due to the use of the car.
After 41.000 kilometers certainly no strange signs of use.

The interior of the Aston is probably the most impressive part of the car. It is made with the highest quality materials.
If you enter the car it is an oase of very soft (handbag quality) leather.
The Cygnet is filled with hand-stitched leather, the roof lining is made from Alcantara even as small details such as the base of the seats.
Around the center panel, every single detail is in very soft leather.
Believe it or not, the Cygnet uses as many leather hides as a DB9.
It is difficult to explain but if you open for the first time the door of a Cygnet you immediately understand the uniqueness of the interior of the Cygnet.

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