Aston Martin Vanquish

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Aston Martin Vanquish

(Financieren?)€ 105.000,-
  • BouwjaarJan 2004
  • Kilometerstand82.000 km
  • Vermogen460 PK
  • BrandstofBenzine
  • SchakelingAutomatisch
  • KenmerkenZwartCoupé2 deuren2 zitplaatsen
  • LandversieNederland
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Informatie van de verkoper


  • The Vanquish is yet another ‘James Bond’ Aston Martin, having featured in ‘Die Another Day’ starring Pierce Brosnan as the eponymous secret agent
  • Hand-crafted aluminum body panels and leather interior
  • 200mph+ performance
  • The official Aston Martin website calls the 2001-2007 Vanquish/Vanquish S series, “a car beloved by modern day enthusiasts and also heritage collectors alike.”
  • This model is now becoming both collectable and recognized as a serious future classic as well as a fabulous car to drive and enjoy
  • Beautifully presented in a great colour combination
  • VAT example (VAT deductible for companies)
This particular car, chassis number ‘501385’, is finished in Black with an extremely beautiful Dark Brown interior. The car is newly delivered in Holland at the 28th of April 2004 and is therefore a desirable first series example.
The Aston has been regularly maintained at the Aston Martin dealer and remains in generally very good condition, commensurate with its pretty low mileage of only 82,000 since its first registration.

Amongst the condition of the Vanquish, the lining of the car needs some attention. The shape of the Vanquish is extraordinary and is absolutely amazing.
The front is a sort of shark nose while the back is extremely wide. When you take a seat on the drivers seat and look into the mirrors, the view is amazing as you can see the designing of the car.
In our opinion, everything is correct on the design of a Vanquish.
Also the condition is very nice. The car has been used and is off-course used for some years but the exterior condition still is extremely nice. There are no dents, scratches or blemishes on the car. The wheels are in a very nice condition and the Vanquish benefits from relative new tires.
The chrome parts are all very nice and not damaged at all.
All windows including the front windows also don’t show any damages like stone chips or scratches.
Altogether, the exterior condition of the Vanquish is very nice.

We have seen quite some Vanquishes over the years but this certainly is one of a kind due to the amazing color combination of the car. The black exterior is finished with a wonderful dark brown interior color which suits the Vanquish extremely well.
Most often these cars are black or light beige inside but although this is not a usual color, it is a very beautiful color.
The condition of the interior is very nice. The seats are not damaged even as the carpets which are also still in a very nice / superb condition.


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