Porsche 993 911 TURBO S

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Porsche 993 911 TURBO S

(Financieren?)€ 375.000,-
  • BouwjaarMei 1997
  • Kilometerstand38.261 km
  • Vermogen430 PK
  • BrandstofBenzine
  • SchakelingHandgeschakeld
  • KenmerkenRood, Metallic lakCoupé2 deuren2 zitplaatsen
  • LandversieNederland


Informatie van de verkoper

Introduced in 1997 and built for only two years, the Turbo S was a huge step up in performance, looks, exclusivity, and price over the standard 911 Turbo. Of the acclaimed Type 993 produced from 1994 to 1998, the Turbo S was among the last of the air-cooled 911s and was capable of performance that still impresses today. The 0–100 sprint of only 3.9 seconds was half a second faster than that of the Turbo, and if the driver was brave enough, the car would reach a top speed of 295 km/h.
The heart of the Turbo S is a flat six-cylinder engine fitted with a pair of K-24 turbochargers that produces 430 hp in U.S. specification. Power is put to the ground through a six-speed manual transaxle and all-wheel-drive system that was developed for the earlier 964 Carrera 4. Porsche altered the Bosch Motronic engine-management system and added an additional oil cooler to handle the increased heat load. Large, 12.68-inch power-assisted ventilated and cross-drilled multi-piston disc brakes with yellow calipers delivered impressive stopping power from any speed.
The Porsche Exclusive Department built only 345 examples of the Turbo S, and this incredible rare car is easily identifiable by its numerous unique features throughout. The front fog lights were removed and replaced with air ducts to aid front brake cooling, the exhaust system was replaced with a modified unit that has quadruple rear tips, the flared rear fenders sprouted large air inlets, and the rear deck featured an impressive “Aerokit II” biplane spoiler to increase downforce.
Unlike some other special-edition models, Porsche did not sacrifice creature comforts and usability for track performance with the Turbo S. Inside was a luxurious full leather interior with generous amounts of carbon fiber trim on the lower portion of the dashboard, around the gauges, along the doorsills, and on the center console, door panels, and door pulls. It even has an electric sunroof.
This gorgeous Porsche 993 Turbo S in our favourite colour L84S Arena Red Metallic. First delivery in the USA in 1997. We did buy this car from a private Belgian Porsche Collector and on our order the exterior was adapted to EU specifications. Our Porsche expert did inspect the car thoroughly and made adjustments wherever necessary. By customer order the Porsche Exclusive department did cover almost all buttons and switches with leather, very stylish. The centre console houses an original ‘old school’ Porsche phone.
All this, combined with the low mileage, makes this car a true collector's item!

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