Daimler Double Six Majestic LWB

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Daimler Double Six Majestic LWB

€ 8.500,-
  • BouwjaarAug 1995
  • Kilometerstand186.194 km
  • Vermogen320 PK
  • BrandstofBenzine
  • SchakelingAutomatisch
  • KenmerkenBlauw, Metallic lakSedan4 deuren4 zitplaatsen


Informatie van de verkoper

Marque: Daimler
Model: Double Six Majestic LWB
Colour exterior: Westminster Blue
Colour interior: Regatta Blue
First registration: 18 August 1995
Current registration: Netherlands
Odometer: 186.194 km
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: 6.0 Litre

When production of the Daimler DS420 finally came to an end in 1992, Jaguar did not want to make those experienced craftsmen redundant. Jaguar filled the gap in Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) with the launch of a stretched XJ 40, the Majestic and even further with the Insignia range. Both represented top of the range Jaguar/Daimler, which were hand finished and with maximum attention to detail. These automobiles consisted of a unique range of 10 exterior paint and 10 interior colour options, allowing one to truly personalise one’s Jaguar or Daimler. SVO even gave the possibility of two-tone interior and coloured walnut veneers.
This Noble House Daimler Double Six was delivered new in the Netherlands and registered 18 August 1995. The production time at Jaguar SVO was almost 5 weeks, the manufacture started at 10 July 1995. The Daimler has many (special) features like automatic air conditioning, stereo system with CD player from Harman Kardon, cruise control, electric sunroof, electric seat adjustment front and rear (!), seat heating front and rear(!) and tray tables for the rear seats in beautiful wooden veneer.
Until Noble House purchased the Majestic in 2009 and used her as Director’s car, not much is known about the history unfortunately. We do know that of 66.050 Daimler Double Six Long Wheel Base cars, only 50 Double Six Majestics are build (RHD and LHD together). Therefore, this Daimler is truly unique!
When purchased, the odometer reading was 139.225 km. The present odometer reading is 186.194 km, so as a company car 46.969 km was added to the odometer in the period 2009 - November 2017. As being used frequently during these years, it was necessary that the Daimler was a reliable driver. No expenses were spared by the Noble House team to keep the Daimler in an excellent shape.
All the books are with the car including the owner’s manual, service manual, operation of the stereo system, car care manual and few more. The history file with work carried out and parts added is available for the Daimler.

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