Chrysler Windsor

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Chrysler Windsor

(Financieren?)€ 29.950,-
  • BouwjaarJan 1948
  • Kilometerstand19.644 km
  • Vermogen117 PK
  • BrandstofBenzine
  • SchakelingHalf/Semi-automaat
  • KenmerkenBruinCabrio2 deuren5 zitplaatsen
  • LandversieCanada

Informatie van de verkoper

The Windsor is a full-size car which was built by Chrysler from 1939 through to the 1960s. The final Chrysler Windsor sold in the United States was produced in 1961, but production in Canada continued until 1966.

The Windsor was positioned above the entry-level Royal from 1939-1950. With the demise of the Royal for the 1951 model year the Windsor became Chrysler's price leader with the Windsor positioned one level above the Newport. Chrysler replaced the Windsor name in 1962 with the introduction of the non-lettered series Chrysler 300.

After the war, the Windsor was put back into production. It was similar to the 1942 models. New things included a handbrake warning signal that the handbrake was not fully released, and a new grille.

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