Ford Mustang GT500E

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Ford Mustang GT500E

€ 249.750,-
  • BouwjaarJan 1967
  • Kilometerstand1 km
  • Vermogen400 PK
  • BrandstofSuper Plus 98
  • KenmerkenZilverCoupé

Informatie van de verkoper

New in our showroom: Ford Mustang GT500E Pedal to the metal completely build GT500E! Based on a 1967 real Fastback v8 car! This car has a full PTTM rebuild engine & transmission & drivetrain!

The car
GT500E do come in a lot of variations, but this one, is one of the better ones out there. It is based on a 67 Fastback V8 Mustang, what is the best you could use of course some cars are build on 68 cars (cheaper) or coupe or convertibles, yes also convertibles, and of course 6 in line engine versions were used. You don't want to have one of these, so this one comes as a trough 67 & V8 base car, with a very beautiful installed body kit. We have imported it around 6 years ago. And then build it off to meat the PTTM standards, and then we had it sold to a client, he has driven the car for around 5 years, now he decided to go for a other type of car.

This car comes with current Dutch registration, so it is ready to be driven in our country, but it makes it also easier to register it anywhere else. We can assist to register this car on TUV + H plates, if you want us to do. Furthermore, this car is completely serviced and ready to go, it's real PTTM build off car and comes with a lot of new parts.

The Drivetrain
The car comes with a full rebuild and tuned 351 Cleveland ford small block / big block look engine, it is complete build with high performance parts. It comes with new Edelbrock heads, new Edelbrock intake, new carb, new ignition system, and also the Pistons and Piston rings & all the bearings are new, it is build of by our Engine builder and then tested in our test bench, after build the car has only driven test miles. The 4 speed tToploader is checked by us when we had the engine out for rebuild, it comes with new gaskets and new fresh paint, it is ready to shift!
The car comes with a Ford 9 inch rear axle and is build off with a Differential and street gears, you can perfectly cruise around the highway or cruise around the city streets. This above is all done with an upgrade of the Engine bay that needed a repaint, so we completely repainted the engine bay and repainted the underside of the car to have the car look fresh again. Also, the engine is repainted after rebuild so when you open de hood it's all new and fresh! This is done recently, invoices are there and the pictures of all the work are als present, and of course all is done in house!

The undercarriage
This car comes with a Mustang type 2 Rack and pinion upgraded steering system, and comes with Disc brakes on all the 4 wheels! Recently, the underside is protected with a new undercoating stone protection coating. The exhaust system is repainted with dark gray paint to look perfect underneath and to prevent rust anywhere, the engine has Headers installed, and the rest is GT500E correct type side exhaust system, the car is looking fresh underneath.

The Interior
This GT500E comes with a loaded Interior, it has the billet GT500 Pedal dress up kit, it comes with a full length console. It comes with a Ford Racing Tachometer, and it comes with the Billet Shifter Handle with the Linelock knob option. It also comes with the right GT500E Steering wheel and to finish it, the Nitrous (not functional) switch is there in the middle of the console. The complete interior is in nice condition and clean and is recently restored with new panels all around to make it new again.


This car is for sale by our client. The car comes with import duties paid, and with fresh Dutch registration, and a full service before delivery, we can also trade in your current classic car or modern car! We can deliver the car worldwide!

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Nick Dorland

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